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Serving the Community

Through Holistic Health Care

Feel empowered, revived, and renewed. Discover how homeopathy has steered my life to a brighter and better path.

Gail Beauregard, DIHom, CECP

With my first introduction to homeopathy in 1996, it was as if a light clicked on. That light has continued to illuminate my life and the lives of many others ever since.

It began with my four-year-old daughter having chronic ear infections. The doctor gave her one antibiotic after another and informed me that eventually, they would need to perform surgery to install tubes in her ears. I felt frustrated and appalled that this was all conventional medicine had to offer. Then homeopathy came along, and I learned about holistic healing.

I found a remedy that matched my daughter’s totality of symptoms. And after a series of three doses over a short period, she never had another ear infection. I never looked back.

I attended the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California (currently Remedy Ranch in Ramona, California) and graduated at the top of my class. After that, in 2003, I opened Inherent Health Homeopathy in Alpine, California. 

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