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Discover Homeopathy.

It’s Truly Life-Changing

Inherent Health Homeopathy introduces a holistic approach to health. Get in touch with me in Alpine, California if you have any questions or concerns.

Healing vs. Medicating

Healing is a process. Healing from a chronic condition takes time, and symptoms fluctuate and change as healing progresses. Acute situations respond to homeopathy more quickly, sometimes astonishingly quickly. Chronic (root word is ‘khronos’ and means time) conditions usually take time to develop.

A rough estimate of healing time is roughly one month for every year you’ve had the condition. This varies depending on past treatments and the use of pharmaceuticals, as well as lifestyle choices.

Medicating can relieve or help to manage symptoms and is sometimes a required choice. The good news is, homeopathic treatment can still be of benefit.

Visualize Yourself Healthy

Do you imagine yourself healthy and well? Or do you worry and stress about your health? We all have imaginations. How we use them is what matters. Please click the "Discover More" link, and meet my dear friend, Deborah Ivanoff, The BEING Coach, for a deeper understanding of what visualization is and the “why, when, and how” of creating intentionally, using your innate power of visualization.

Our Beloved Pets

I am associated with The Caretakers Animal Care website. I do not treat animals homeopathically at this time, but I do recommend you visit the Caretakers website, where you'll meet Elizabeth Allen and her team; for Holistic Pet Care, Animal Hospice and End-of-Life Care, plus Pet Euthanasia, Pet Cremation, and the very best of Grief Counseling.

Homeopathic Services

Intake Session: $325.00

Approx. 60 to 90 minute duration.  

Remedy fees between $10 & $20 each.

Sessions can be conducted on Zoom, by phone or on Skype, or in your home within a 25-mile radius for an additional $25.00.

During our session I will ask you questions regarding your main concern, as well as gathering information about you; your childhood, how you are affected by the environment, sleep, dreams, emotional well-being, medical history and medications, and more.

Follow-Up Sessions: $85.00

Approx. 30-minute duration.

Follow-ups are scheduled based on each

individuals' needs and are usually 6 weeks apart.


Cases involving skin concerns require additional monitoring and will have the opportunity for more check-in communication. 


Communication is welcome and I am responsive within a short time.

“Like cures like.”

In other words, a substance that can induce symptoms (for example, cutting an onion causes burning eyes, tears, and runny nose) can be the cure for those symptoms when prepared homeopathically. So a cold with runny nose, burning eyes, and tears will respond to the remedy Allium cepa, which is onion.

Vis Medicatrix Naturae ~ the healing power of nature. 

Our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves. We are inherently healthy. When there is a disturbance in the vital force, homeopathy assists the body in recalibrating so it aligns itself with healing and recovering homeostasis.

I am an Emotion Code Practitioner

The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique that helps to identify and release trapped emotions.

Releasing trapped emotions creates space for the body to heal, so physical and emotional difficulties disappear, or become more manageable.  

$45 per session............Approx 45 minutes.

$115 for 3-session package.  

$210 for 6-session package.

I am currently offering an introductory session for $25, or one free session with the purchase of 3.

“A Malady is simply a Melody that is out of tune.”

~ G. J. O'Quinn-Beauregard

*You can rest assured that the treatments administered are proven to have no side effects and are FDA-approved.

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